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Client Document Retrieval

To Our Valued Transportation Customers: Fanelli Trucking and Warehousing Building

We have implemented a document management system that allows us to accurately scan, index and store the vast amounts of documents that accompany each of our shipments. From this database we are able to instantly recall any portion of the paperwork, including the delivery receipt.

From this same database, we will also offer you the ability to retrieve the documents directly from our system. In order to do this, please go to the following link on the internet:

It is recommended that you install the free TIF viewer that is on this page. This is optional and will only have to be done one time from each computer but will ensure the images are viewed in an acceptable manner. Once the Tiff Viewer is installed, the screen will request a user and password. You will be required to enter your customer code as well as account number in order to retrieve the documents that pertain to your company.


This method of storage is becoming universally acceptable in business and the imaged copies are considered legal documents, as if they were originals. Statutes are on record that cite this admissibility criteria as evidenced in the UPC (Uniform Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records as Evidence Act UPA 28USCp1732). There are additional reports that support the legality of imaged documents, however, the fact the United States Government is currently utilizing such technology is compelling evidence of proof.


We felt the transportation industry is well suited to the improved efficiency and enhanced access to information that document management provides. Electronic capture of paper-based documents allows faster processing of documentation and logical organization by order number, or other criteria. The result is faster billing, improved customer service and a general streamlining of business processes. We are certain that the many benefits of this technology will also be helpful for you.

Thank you for selecting Fanelli Bros. Trucking as your carrier and for your continued support of our growth.